Task 40
Task 40
SHC Task 40

Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings

Task 40 - 6th Experts Meeting

October 5-7, 2011
Hotel Bildungszentrum 21
Missionsstrasse 21
4003 Basel

The next 6th Experts Group Meeting will take place in Basel, Switzerland from October 5 -7, 2011.  It is the time of the year that many events take place in Basel, making it very difficult to find a room at hotels.  Our hosts Monika Hall and Armin Binz have arranged for us several accommodations at several hotels close to the meeting location.  You’ll find below a listing of hotels and the relevant email and reservation code information that you will need to reserve your room.


HOTEL Bildungszentrum 21
Missionsstrasse 21
4003 Basel, Switzerland


The hotel rooms have to be booked by the participants themselves. It is recommended that you stay at any of the following suggested hotels that a block of reservations have been made there on your behalf.


  • Agenda
  • Transportation Information
  • Basel City Map
  • Thursday Evening Map
  • Online Registration (everyone must register, but payment is separate)
    There will be a registration fee for the meeting of 130 CHF to be paid either along with your hotel bill if you are staying at the Hotel Bildungszentrum 21venue or by cash at the door before the start of the meeting.  Lunch will be provided during the meeting from October 5th - 7th. Attendees will be responsible for their breakfast and dinners. 

If you have questions, please contact:

Contact: Monika Hall