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9th Experts Meeting - Useful Information

April 30-May 3, 2013 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Weather in early May in Copenhagen can be anything from sunny and 25 °C to rainy and windy at 12 °C, so pack accordingly. You can check the weather forecasts by the Danish met office at www.dmi.dk/eng/index/forecasts.htm. In the left column you can click on Copenhagen to have the local weather forecast.

In Denmark we use Danish kroner (DKK) and the exchange rate is approximately 7.5 DKK / €.

Information about Copenhagen

Coming to Copenhagen by plane

If you don’t find direct flights to Copenhagen, try www.fly-sas.com.

For those of you who must change flight in Germany, you could try to look for connections via Munich instead of Frankfurt. Munich is generally more easy and calm to change in.

You might also be able to find cheap connections from London Stansted to Malmö airport (Sweden) by Ryanair. The airport is approximately 50 minutes and 100 DKK away by bus from the central train station in Copenhagen.

Going to AAU-CPH from Copenhagen airport

Take the Metro (use one clip at a 3 zone discount card or 2 clips at a 2-zone card) from first floor in terminal 3 and get off at Nørreport station. Change to the S-train system (one floor up) and take any S-train towards Køge (line E) or Solrød strand (line A) and get off at Sydhavnen station (4 stops). Walk 750 meters (same direction as the train) to AAU-CPH.

Going to AAU-CPH from Malmö airport

Take bus 737 (departures coordinated with flight arrivals by Ryanair from London, Stansted) from Malmö airport to Copenhagen central station (100 DKK). Go to Copenhagen central station, track 11 or 12 and take S-train (use one clip on a 2-zone discount 10 tour card) lines A (towards Solrød strand) or E (towards Køge) and get off at Sydhavnen station (2 stops). Walk 750 meters (same direction as the train) to AAU-CPH.

Denmark Map
The meeting will take place at AAU-CPH.

Copenhagen Map
AAU-CPH is located at the A and Copenhagen city center within the red circle

Local transport

From the airport to the city center hotels and to AAU-CPH

The most environmental friendly way to come from the airport to your hotels and to AAU-CPH is using the public transportation system.

There is a metro line directly from the airport (first floor in terminal 3) to the city center (Nørreport station). At Nørreport station you need to change to the S-train system to reach your hotels and AAU-CPH. There is also an ordinary train station under terminal 3 in the airport, which will bring you to Copenhagen central station in 15 minutes.

Public transport ticket system

Public transportation in Copenhagen is relatively expensive, but there are some options to make the travel cheaper.

When you’re a tourist, you can choose between different forms of tickets and travel cards which are all valid for both buses, trains and Metro in the Greater Copenhagen region. Your choice depends on how much and how you choose to move around during your stay.

For the time being we cannot give exact information about the prices as they are expected to change at New Year – so no prices are shown yet. Go to www.moviatrafik.dk/dinrejse/Tourist/English-tourist/Pages/English-tourist.aspx for ticket options for tourists in Copenhagen.

You can buy all the different ticket types for public transport at the DSB ticket office in terminal 3.


As anything else, taxi’s are expensive but handy in Copenhagen. You can pay by credit card in almost all Danish taxi’s.
More information about transportation tips between airport, hotels and AAU-CPH will be added when meeting approaches and accommodation are suggested.


We are negotiating hotel bookings, and more information will be added soon.

Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact: